Fearless Friday Feastings - The Hollow, Georgetown, TX

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As a born-again foodie (I was a very picky eater the first two decades of my life - got to that age in Texas without eating Mexican food OR BBQ!), I try a lot of restaurants, BBQ joints, dives, biergarten's, and other such sources of divine eats.  Each Friday, right here, I'll be sharing with you a treasure from my list of Must Eat findings. 

Today, we'll be visiting The Hollow, on Austin Avenue on the downtown Square in Georgetown, just west of the Courthouse. 


The Hollow Downtown Georgetown



The Hollow is a French Brasserie with delicious food in an elegant setting.  I first experienced its delights when a fellow agent and I were looking for a quiet place to have lunch and do some planning for an upcoming event.  The Hollow was new in town, and it's just a block from our office (Danger, Will Robinson!), so we thought we'd give it a try.

Quietly elegant, with linen table cloths and attentive service, the signs were positive.  We perused the menu with interest - at that point, they were having a new menu each day depending on what the chef felt like cooking and what ingredients were freshest.   I settled on the pork belly sandwich with fries on the side, and it was amazing!  First was the size.  I ate my fill for lunch, then took the two-thirds remaining home.  My husband had it for lunch the next day, and there was still enough for another person.  The sandwich was delicious, as were the fries - thinner and longer than usual, tasty and crisp, a wonderful accompaniment to the sandwich. 

The Hollow's Pork Belly Sandwich


At the end of the meal, we were asked about dessert.  We were both full, and declined, but then he told us what they had, and we succumbed (he knew we would), and shared two desserts between us.  They fulfilled the expectations created by the rest of the meal. 

I hesitate to review a restaurant on one visit, so a few weeks later I suggested to a client that we meet at The Hollow for lunch.  She'd had a baby since we'd closed on their new home, and I hadn't had the chance to see the new family  member.   This visit was as pleasant as the first - this time, I had their version of vichyssoise, and a salad, and an iced tea that was so delicious that I did not need to add sugar - a first in my experience - because the flavor was so intense and pleasing.  (I've since asked for, and received, their recipe for iced tea.) 


There's seating inside, but if it's a beautiful autumn day like we've been having lately, you might want to sit outside and enjoy people watching. 

The Hollow Georgetown TX Patio

If you're in Georgetown and it's time for lunch, or dinner, I highly recommend The Hollow.  It's even worth the drive from Austin. 

Give it a try, then come back and let me know what you think.

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