To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question.

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Hi Everyone,

To Blog or not to Blog? I ask myself this each time I start typing something. Will people find my comments interesting or just bla, bla, bla! Will blogging help my Real Estate Career and if so how? So after examining the many interesting blog topics and how to subjects on Active Rain, I decided it is time to give it a try. So here goes.

Hi, My name is Deborah Lint, I am a new member to Active Rain, new to blogging and have only been a Realtor for the last 3 months. I am trying to absorb all I can! There is a lot of great stuff on Active Rain for someone with my experience and I would like to Thank everyone for all the valuable information they have shared. My printer has been spitting out tons of pages! Now  if only I can find something of interest to blog or time to read all the great blogs and oh yeah most important Clients, I will be one happy newbie.

Starting a new career at mid life is scarey. What's worse is my choice of timing. Something midlife and Menopause decided for me!  Well, I am here now and I am looking forward to the adventure and life experiences it will bring me. This is all I have for now, but I look forward to your comments and welcome your suggestions.



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Bob Cumiskey
A1 Connection Realty, Inc. - Sun City Center, FL
US Army Retired, Your Sun City Center, Florida ~ Realtor

Hi Deborah,

Welcome to the Rain.  Great start on your blogging. 

I know how you feel about you choice of career change.  I did the same thing, but don't let the market or the media scare you away.  I've only been full time RE for a little over a year.  Stick with it.  It will change back to an upward climb soon.  Just look at it the way I did.  In this market, I have plenty of time to work with buyers/sellers and learn the right way to do the paperwork.  You won't be rushed and it will all eventually fall into place. 

Keep your chin up and learn the ropes the correct way.  Good luck to you and your career in RE and happy blogging.  I'm going to add you as an associate and keep an eye on your progress.  I look forward to reading your adventures.



Mar 13, 2008 01:32 PM
Deborah Lint
Realty Associates - Meriden, CT

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your words of support. You are right, now is a good time learn the right way to do paperwork, and learn how to work with buyers/sellers. This is what I have been focusing on. Developing organization skills along with phone skills. I take every opportunity I can to work at open houses and I participate in floor time. I still get a little nervous when someone calls in , I find myself still fumbling for the right questions to ask and sometimes I am not sure what information is ok to give out. But I stay positive and keep learning. Ok now I have to ask because  I am a newbie, how do you add someone as an associate? This is something I have not tried yet.  

Mar 13, 2008 01:52 PM