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We offer a wide range of Charlotte home mortgage loan solutions.

We specialize on all Charlotte home mortgage loan types.

We promise to provide you with the best Charlotte mortgage terms.

Because our representatives are Charlotte mortgage loan experts, and can help you with making the right decision.

We offer Charlotte home mortgages to those with past bad credit problems (foreclosure, bankruptcy, judgments, and collections).

We search investors for the best available Charlotte home mortgage products and mortgage rates.

We have the best mortgage rates for all credit grades in North Carolina.


VA Home Loans & FHA Home Loans
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Refinance Cash Out for any reason
Super Jumbo Mortgages
FHA Secure programs
Home Improvement loans
Interest Only Loans
Bad Credit Mortgages
FHA Reset Program

Fresh Start Mortgages
Mortgage Refinancing
Zero Down Loan Programs
1st Time Home buyers
FHA loan with No Credit
Current Home Mortgage Rates

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