Highlands Ranch Weather

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Highlands Ranch Weather
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Everyone always wants to know about the weather.  Highlands Ranch weather is quite unique.  Located at 5700 feet and nestled close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, you really get all seasons in Highlands Ranch without the extremes.  As they say here in the late fall, "it snows one day and you are out in shorts washing your car the next."


As stated, the elevation for Highlands Ranch is roughly 5700 feet.  It's a bit higher than Denver proper at approximately 5280 feet.  There are two nice things about sitting up higher: the views of the city and the fact that rain runs off down the hill away from town.  Highlands Ranch weather is also affected by it's location at the North end of what is regionally called The Palmer Divide.  For a great explanation on how the regional weather is affected by the local geography, please visit this story by 7 News Denver.  The other great thing about the location of Highlands Ranch is its low occurrence and susceptibility to tornadoes.  Also, keep in mind that relative to sea level, the altitude adds quite a bit of intensity from the sun.  It's not uncommon for people to experience that when standing in the sun, temps feel up to 10 degrees warmer.

Highlands Ranch WeatherCLIMATE

In the following graphs, you can see an average monthly temperature, precipitation, and snowfall for Highlands Ranch weather throughout the year (courtesy of and The National Weather Service).  Another concern about Highlands Ranch weather for many people is the dry climate.  This is certainly noticeable in the winter with cooler temps but in my experience, isn't much a factor during late Spring, Summer and early Fall.  One great tip that was passed on to me was to finish a shower by applying baby oil (which now comes in a variety of different scents).  It does a great job locking in moisture and preventing dry skin.

One thing about snow.  It's very common for most of the snow to have melted off the roads in Highlands Ranch by mid morning and early afternoon (see my prior post "Do I Need Four Wheel Drive").  Coupled with great snow removal services in Highlands Ranch, snow doesn't accumulate in mass amounts on the streets.  If you are considering buying a home in Highlands Ranch, just be aware that those with North-facing driveways will do more shoveling after the storm.  Those with South-facing driveways may not even need to shovel at all as the sun melts the snow before mid-afternoon.

Personally, I really enjoy Highlands Ranch weather.  You get to experience all four seasons without severe extremes.


Highlands Ranch Weather

Highlands Ranch Weather