Seven Mile Cafe in Highland Village

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Ah breakfast, how I do love thee.  And now, you give me another reason to cozy up to you in Highland Village.

Seven Mile Cafe off FM 407 across from The Village Church is the newest hot-spot for breakfast, lunch and brunch.  This is the second restaurant started by Kevin Klingele and his wife, Josi, after the first converted house to restaurant in Denton two years ago turned out to be such a success!


And why not?  With fresh, made-from-scratch pancake batter, cakes, and salsa, whether it's these yummy blueberry pancakes with fresh fruit compote or the cage free egg scramblers, the menu at Seven Mile Cafe won't get old anytime soon.


The pancakes were light and fluffy and weren't dense like some pancakes can be.  You know, the kind that stick to the roof of your mouth and require a gallon of milk to unstick it.  These were done just right with a small crisp to them but perfectly done.

Maybe you're not a breakfast person, but you like a solid burger, salad or comfort food for lunch.  Seven Mile Cafe has an interesting variety of healthy and a little-less healthy items to keep your taste buds entertained.  Grilled Cheese and Pear sandwich?  I like grilled cheese and I like pears, but together?  That may be what I try for lunch next week!  

Perhaps the star of the day was the NOLA iced coffee.  I am not a coffee drinker.  Love the smell, can't do the taste.  I can do a frapp from the local coffee corporation but that's somewhat cheating.  I asked Kevin what he would recommend and he quickly said the iced coffee.  It is ice brewed with an Ethiopian coffee bean that has a chocolate-covered cherry taste to it but no fruit or chocolate in the actual drink.  Say no more!  He did warn me though...they can be addicting.  

Iced coffee

And boy, was he right.  It was smooth, flavorful and lingered but not in the yucky warm coffee taste I know I don't like.  It's like chocolate milk for adults.  My kids wanted a sip but I don't want to stunt their growth, but really, I just didn't want to share!

The menu is extensive and fun and really gets you out of your comfort zone.  Can you say Acai bowl?  Healthy and delicious!  But Seven Mile Cafe still has staples that will give you what you need like breakfast tacos and bacon and eggs.

I would say that the menu is a bit on the pricey side but if I am comparing it side by side with other local franchise breakfast places, it would only be $1-2 more than those meals.  But, for more money you get better ingredients, big, homemade meals and you're helping out a local business owner trying to live the American dream.  And for that, it's totally worth it!  

Seven Mile Cafe is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-2 pm and weekends from 8 am-3 pm.  Stop by and let me know what your favorite thing is.  I may just have to try it!

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