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Victorian Homes in Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City is a hotspot for Victorian Style homes, especially in and around the Avenues. Finding one for sale, though, is not easy to do. Why is that? It is because people tend to hang on to Victorian homes for a long time. The turnover rate is much lower than it would be on, say, a split entry home.


First, before I get up on my soapbox about Victorian Style homes, let me give you a link to every Victorian Style home that is currently for sale in Salt Lake City. This list is updated every day and includes complete photo tours of each property. Take a look and let me know if you want to take a look at any of them.

Victorian Home in Salt Lake City

Now, let me give you a little insight about Victorian Style homes in Salt Lake City. First, I’ve found that there is some confusion as to what, exactly, a Victorian Style home is. I’m going to clear that up for you so you can go and brag to your friends.


Did you know that there is a difference between a Victorian Era house and a Victorian Style house? Well, there is. A Victorian Era house is any house that was built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901, but I’m sure you already knew that). There were eight styles that were prominent during that era, and most of them would not be what you would think of as a Victorian home. Stop here and see if you can name the eight styles that were popular (without using Wikipedia). If you can, I will give you a valuable prize - a boost to your self esteem (and you can’t put a price on that). Don’t worry, as I think about it, I can only name six from memory, but I know there were eight.


Victorian Style houses are different. While there is no official set criteria that defines Victorian Style houses, people have come to generally agree on what makes a home a Victorian. In the Western US (including our beautiful home town of Salt Lake City) Victorian Style tend to be either one or two story homes and tend to have certain features, like turrets, columns, dentils, and a pediment.

Victorian homes in SLC

If you don’t know what those are, you can read another article I wrote that describes them. It is brief and to-the-point, but it will teach what those words mean. Then you can really impress your friends. Picture yourself standing in front of a house with a good friend or your spouse and saying, “I really appreciate how the dentils give the house a lofty appearance while the pediment gives a nice, formal appearance. Although it was built after 1901, I would consider this to be a Victorian Style home”. Instant respect.


If you have any other questions about Victorian Style homes in Salt Lake City, call me. I’m actually nicer than I sound. If you are looking to buy one of these beautiful homes, let me know. I’d be happy to help.


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I really do like the Victorian home.  It is beautifully built and ornate. 

Oct 15, 2013 08:25 AM