Selling 101: Take professional photos!

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I'm always shocked when browsing through the latest listings on our MLS, to come across horrible listing photos!  What agents don't understand that 90% of our sales are coming from the internet in this century?  All the more reason your listing should be shown at it's best-  translated:  get the home staged, and get professional photos!   I have to show a recent example of a photo posted on a house listing in the Palm Springs area, for almost $7 million.

Listing photo for $7 million property

Please tell me, is this good marketing for a home?  


As agents, its our responsibility to market your home and sell it for the best price possible.  At the minimum, we need to make sure your home is represented on the internet to ATTRACT potential buyers, not scare them off.

At my company, The Paul Kaplan Group, Inc., we use professional photographers for all listings, no matter what price.  I encourage sellers, when interviewing agents, always ask for samples of their listings; browse the Internet and MLS and look at their listings that they've posted.  Regardless what they say, are the homes represented in a way that would make you want to send an email to them or pick up the phone to schedule an appointment?  If not, then keep looking for an agent that does do a great job a marketing, beginning with professional photography!!!


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Yowser...that is a frightfull picture.  On the flip side of the poor photos though is the fact that in my area winter is coming so the agents who did not change photos on their career listings...welll the snow will be here soon!

Oct 15, 2013 11:11 AM