Welcome Winter: How to prepare your home for this winter?

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With the winter approaching your door steps, how do you plan to keep yourself warm? Winter is a time of repairs and we need to get our home ready for the season. If you are a little low on your winter-repair budget, here are a few ideas to lower your investment bills and keep your home perfectly safe during the cold season.

8 Tips to prepare your home for the winter season

·         Check your heating system: You are going to need efficient heating for the winter and it is best to call a certified technician to check the heating system. It will cost you around $100 to get the inspection done. It will ensure that your heating works as per the requirement and you would not have to undergo any repairs during the season.

·         Avoid Ice Dams: Your children might love watching icicles over the roof, but it could create serious heating issues in your house. A lot of people suffer from meltwater leakage because of ice dams. Choose a weatherization contractor to fix any inadequate insulation and air leaks that might cause the development of air dams. Get the repairs made before 31 December and get a 10 percent federal energy efficiency tax credit ( up to $500).

·         Inspect your roof: It is the right time to inspect your roof for missing shingles or similar repairs. For flat roofs, it is best to get rid of fall leaves and anything that might hold moisture during winter.

·         Check for gaps around doors and windows: Inspect the gap between the siding and door/window. Anything more than a nickel would lead to heat loss and higher heating cost. Use Silicone caulk for gaps and use weatherstripping for your doors.

·         Water diversion and clean gutter: It is best to add extensions in every single downspout and direct the water away from the foundation of your house. Check and clean gutters to avoid water held up in your roof leading to roofing damage.

·         Cut off exterior faucets supply: You might have noticed damaged faucets because of frozen water during winter. Make sure to turn off the water supply for exterior faucets and you can use the shut-off valve for better results.

·         Check your sump pump: Check whether the sump pump works fine by adding several gallons of water to the pump and make sure that the pump turns on efficiently. It is best to check the sump pump in every few months.

·         Clean your chimney: You are going to need your fireplace for frequent use during winter. Make sure that your chimney is working efficiently and does not require any repairs. You can find a chimney contractor for inspection (cost up to $100) and cleanup (costs up to $300).

In addition to these tips, get your winter-essential supplies such as salt or a snowblower before the first storm. Get expert help to avoid any further damage to your home during the winter season.


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