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Hello fellow agents!

Did you know that you will be remembered by your  scent?

If you are a people person, and people like you, chances are that you are linked to a certain aroma or scent (aroma being yummy and scent being good). I was in shock when someone came up to me and said " I know we have met before, and I hate to sound like a " line" but, I will however be honest... I do not remember your name, just your unique scent". By The way, I got a referral from this encounter. At that moment I knew that the forty something bottles of perfume on my dresser were more than aroma therapy. So, knowing this, always be selective when purchasing a new fragrance. Do not let others choose what suits you. Always make sure that your fragrance takes you immediately on a journey and gives you a feeling of "happy" every time you take a whiff. Trust me, people will remember who you are and you will stand out.

Agents everywhere, I wanted to share this with you and like "Eros Ramazzotti" would say "Your scent will reveal your identity". Spray away, and spray wisely!!!!

ciao, Mercedes, la piubella

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Ki Gray
Austin, TX
Austin Real Estate
interesting article.  I have never thought of that before.
Mar 13, 2008 05:58 PM