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Are you considering buying a home when the market is right? Do you know how to find out when that will be? Keeping in touch with what is going on and having the right person watching over the real estate market for you would be a good thing. Realtors pride themselves in researching and evaluating all the data that is available, to see how it will benefit their clients. There are news reports every day that the market is going up, that it is going down, buy now, buy next year, sell, don’t sell, how can you possibly know what to do, if the so called experts can’t agree on what to do?

Most of the time, the news that is reported on TV, isn’t right here in your neighborhood but a generalization of the whole country or at best a large metro area. You can get the facts for your neighborhood from a Realtor and find out what the house down the street is listed for or sold for. Most Realtors have a web site available that will help you to do your searches from. Some of these sites will also help you find out what is going on in other areas of the state, just in case you have to move.  

Who better to assist you but someone who is spending their whole day looking at the information you need! And willing to give it to you for FREE! You have to close escrow on your choice of a property before a real estate agent gets paid.





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