Will credit repair really raise my credit score?

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Credit repair will raise your fico score anywhere from 50-150 pts. You can have late payments, charge-off's, bankrupties, collections and even foreclosures removed from your credit report with professional credit repair. It can take anywhere from 45-90 days to have your credit repaired. It will, of course, take longer if you have alot of negative items that need to be removed.
I've had my credit repaired and it was one of the best decisions that I've made. My credit score went from the low 500's to over 720. I went from bad credit reject to the belle of the ball. You don't have to live with bad credit. You don't have to live with high interest rates and subprime mortgage loans. Maybe you made some financial mistakes in the past or suffered some hardships, it doesn't matter. Professional credit repair will remove these negative items.  My credit score is high now, but if I ever do miss a payment or get a negative item on my credit repair I will not hesitate to get my credit repaired right away because I never want to live with a bad credit score again. Having good credit is just to valuable. Don't worry, you can have great credit, too. You just need to take the first step and sign up for credit repair.
Credit repair really works and I'm living proof. :) My husband had his credit repaired too. We were able to buy brand new cars, sign & drive. When you have good credit the dealer doesn't ask for paystubs, utility bills. They just go by your good credit score.  I was able to refinance my mortgage down to 5.75% from 8.5% (ARM)on a first mortgage and 12.99% on a second mortgage. I got those high interest rate mortgages before I had my credit cleaned up. Thank God that I was able to get my credit repaired and get conforming interest rates. I receive offers for credit cards all the time. Good credit cards with high credit limits ($10,000) and great interest rates. They even offer me 0% balance transfers now.
Maybe you had excellent credit but this mortgage meltdown has mortgage lates or maybe even a foreclosure on your credit report. You definitely need to get those off your credit report with credit repair.
Sure, you can try to remove the items by yourself, but do you know all the laws and regulations regarding credit? You don't, but this credit repair company are pros at working with the credit bureaus. They know the ins and outs of the credit industry. They will work on your credit repair for one full year. They'll get those negative items off your credit report or your money will be refunded. That's right, it even comes with a money back guaratee that you will be completely satisfied. See how many other credit repair companies offer

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