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Moving Day And Decluttering Tips For Your Pullman WA Home!

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Moving Day Pullman WA Lori Churchill Cofer REALTOR

When selling your Pullman Washington Home you are most likely hear your Realtor® tell you to declutter.  I am, of course, am no exception.  


Why declutter?  It gives your home a clean and organized feeling, letting your buyers focus on the room spaces instead of focusing on your things.


Being one who hates to waste energy, may I recommend to my sellers to use the time you are decluttering to begin the packing process!


First, sort through your things, decide what needs to be tossed, what needs to be donated and what you need to keep.


Second look at what you are needing to keep.  Decide what you might not need for a while, and pack those things up!  For example you might want to begin by packing your fall wardrobe if you are approaching Spring.  Maybe box up  those Fall & Winter Dishes, toys, etc....


I highly recommend using packing boxes.  They pack and store much better.  Sometimes you can find them used if you look for them.


Now to take this a step further.  Color coordinate those boxes!  Get a selection of color coded sticky notes and label them for the room they need to go to once we get that home SOLD! Be consistent in your placement like upper front right hand corner so you can see easily once they are stacked. You might want to put a second label on the things you will need right away! Cover with clear tape to secure them.  


Then when you move take those same color sticky notes and put them on the rooms of your new home you want those boxes to go to!!!!  That will eliminate you standing there orchestrating the move to your new home whether to a new house in Pullman, or anywhere your adventures might be taking you!