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The Produce Place of SuntreeThe Produce Place of Suntree is located at 5775 N Wickham Rd in Suntree.  Just north of the Pineda Causeway on the east side of Wickham Rd, if you drive by too fast and aren't paying attention, you could miss this hidden jewel of Brevard County.

You may remember my recent blog about Downtown Produce.  Same type of goods, COMPLETELY different atmosphere!  Imagine if you will, a stereotypical little roadside dive that stocks fresh fruit and vegetables, that is The Produce Place of Suntree!
                                        The Produce Place of Suntree entrance

The Produce Place of Suntree
is not fancy, on the contrary, it resembles more of a shack that has had additions built on to it over the years.  There is no air conditioning, but huge ventilation fans to keep the air moving.  In the heat of summer, I'm sure you would want to get in and get out quickly.  But, from now through spring, you will want to set aside a little bit of extra time to browse through everything that The Produce Place of Suntree has to offer!  
The Produce Place of Suntree vegetables
First of all, when you go to The Produce Place of Suntree,
you may want to order a fresh fruit smoothie right off the bat.  These smoothies are made fresh on the spot and will be cool and refreshing as you shop!

The fruits and vegetables at The Produce Place of Suntree are a thing of beauty!.  When I went in for the first time, I was surprised to see things like breadfruit, star fruit and honestly, some things that I have never even heard of!  The quality of the produce is top notch.  I like to cook with whatever is fresh and in season.  Browsing through The Produce Place of Suntree will give you plenty of ideas for dinner!

nuts, seeds and dried fruits

As with Downtown Produce, The Produce Place of Suntree has an excellent selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  If you need a handful of a particular fresh herb that isn't growing in your own herb garden, you can get it at The Produce Place of Suntree.

The Produce Place of Suntree does not have a butcher or meat department per se, but on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, there is a food truck in the parking lot that sells seafood and fish.  I have never purchased anything from this guy, as his prices seem to be on par with Publix and Winn Dixie, but, being that the management of The Produce Place of Suntree allows him to sit on their property, I would imagine that the fish, shrimp, scallops and lobster are fine.

There are food stuffs that are available at The Produce Place of Suntree.  Things like local honey, pasta and even fresh cut flowers!

The Produce Place of Suntree is open 7 days a week:

Monday through Saturday - 9:00am - 6:30pm
Sundays - 9:00am - 6:00pm

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