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Keep Your Property In Good Shape: Stay Profitable
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However, you do not require thousands of dollars for that. Only a little amount of cash will do. This little expenditure will eventually turn out to be a highly profitable investment, as it will attract your tenants, and you will be able to bargain a higher rent from them.

Replacing The Old, Ugly Switch Plates
One of the common mistakes that most real estate investing landlords and rehabbers do is that they paint the entire unit except for the old ugly switch plates. Ridiculously, sometimes, they even paint over them. Do not overlook such things, and get them replaced by new ones. It may cost you as little as about 40 cents each. Even if you have to replace the switch plates in the entire house, it will cost you somewhere around $15 only. While you do this, try to be creative and innovative. Consider nice brass plates for the foyer, living room, and other obvious areas. For that, even if you go for the most expensive ones, it will not cost you more than $4 each.

Improving The Condition Of Doors
Doors can be another inexpensive replacement. For example, if you have ugly brown doors, it is always a great idea to replace them with decent white doors. If you do not at all want to expense that much, for real estate investing rental purpose, you should at least consider replacing the downstairs doors.

Replacing The Door Handles
Just imagine an old door handle, especially with crusted paint on it. If you let it remain unrelated, what impressions will its drab look create on your real estate investing tenants? If you do not want to spend expense on that, consider replacing them with new brass finished handles. It will not cost you more than $10 overall.

Painting The Trim
If you do not want to paint the entire interior of the house, you should consider painting the trim at least. It will substantially enhance the look of the real estate investing house. If your house is one of the new, modern, custom homes with typical beige or off-white walls, with bright white trim, painting the trim with a semi-gloss bright white paint will certainly be a great idea. The same goes with the floor trim.

Improving The Foyer Area
Besides the front door, it is the foyer area that creates the first impression for the real estate investing tenants. You should consider gracing the same with linoleum floors. A good one will not cost you more than $100 in materials.

Kitchen Cabinets
I will not suggest to you to replace the complete kitchen cabinet, but you can at least consider painting them. If you have style wooden cabinets in a lovely dark brown shade, paint them using a semi-gloss white and finish them with colorful plastic knobs. However, it is not necessary to paint the inside of them.

Do Some More
If you have done everything to improve the look, do some more. How about adding a nice colorful mailbox instead of the usual old black one? Your tenant will be impressed with the creative look this adds to the house.

Always remember, in real estate investing business, you never get a second chance to build a first impression.
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