Reverse Floor Plans Give Better Value for Kure Beach Real Estate

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Kure Beach Homes Reverse Floor Plans


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By Jay Seville of So let’s look at these homes, one of these 41 0 Sandman we looked at, the big point from all 


of this is going to be this. We looked at a lot of homes and very often homes were really nice 


inside, they had the square footage and then location, and even the ocean views that we were 


hoping to find in this price range. But to get to that Ocean view, usually it meant climbing up on 


the -- on top of the roof or lurking and living in your master bedroom fulltime, not many people 


are going to be living in their master bedroom full time. So this home for example, the kitchen 


and all of the living area, family room, living room, dining room and the kitchen was all in the 


second level, that’s the problem with this.


So when you’re on the second level looking out and you’re not, I'm trying to find a good picture 


for you, let’s see, second level looking out. Yeah, when you’re on the second level looking out, 


you’re just looking out on trees and other houses, okay. And that’s no fun if you want the Ocean 


view, but if you go to the master bedroom, you can see, up here from the master bath -- what is 


a better example up, up here in master bedroom has the step out balcony, where you can actually 


see to the ocean. Pictures are not the best examples for this one, so let me move on to the next 


one. Here we go, this was the second level, not much to see, but on the third level, where the 


master bedroom was much better views were prominent.


Here we go, exactly, this is the third level. Now, if the kitchen would have been on this level, 


they would have been very interested in this house, it might have been one that they would have 


purchased, but the kitchen was on the wrong floor, it was not in the Inverted Floor Plan and 


that’s where the kitchen and the main living area gets put on the top floor, the master bedroom 


and other bedrooms are in the second floor.


All right, next house is 121 North Fourth Avenue, okay. This one, it was fantastic inside, list 


price 350 with some ocean views in Kure Beach and let me show you a couple of the pictures of 


it. I mean this guy has a great sense of style, look at the design and interior work in there. The 


kitchen was wide open, everything was clean and crisp, some pottery barn type, stuff in there 


are very modern stairs as well. But again, from that level the only thing you could see out of 


that was other homes across the street and rooftops, nothing really that exciting. However if 


you went up to the third level, here we go, third level right here, you’re able to see the ocean 


and huge expansive of views. And if this home would have had the kitchen on the top floor, 


you would have been able to from your family room to look out and see this right here. So if 


you’re interested in Kure Beach real estate or Carolina Beach real estate, wanting an ocean front 


home for sale in Kure beach or Ritzville Beach, all things being equal, there is going to be more 


demand for your home, if you have the Inverted Floor Plan. So this home for 350 would have 


been priced maybe like 425, if it was an Inverted Floor Plan and would have sold faster for sure.


And an example of the home, that’s actually what I am talking about, is right here. It’s also a 


Kure Beach home for sale and that is 110 Seawatch, let’s see. This is listed higher, 499 a similar 


size to a couple of the other homes. The MLS shows you that it's the third floor, is where the 


kitchen is. So when you look out, you’re actually being able to -- from the kitchen to be able to 


see out to the ocean. Not many pictures were taken on this home so it's not a greatest example 


to show you online unfortunately. But then it had crow’s nest that’s where you get to go on top 


of the roof and see the ocean. And it’s much easier to enter a crow’s nest from the kitchen or 


family room, balcony area, rather than having to pass through a bedroom to get up there.


So the main point of all this is, when you’re looking at homes all things being equal, I think it’s a 


smarter investment to go with an Inverted Floor Plan. And almost all of life happens in the main 


living area of the house in terms of day to day interaction and stuff going on activity, probably 


75% happens in the kitchen and family room and dining room. So that’s where you want to be 


able to see the beach from your -- you know from the main living area. And if go that route you 


won’t regret. I know a lot of folks have bought ocean view properties and then they’re frustrated 


that the only way to get through it is to go sit on their bed in the master bedroom on the third 


level. All right peace out, talk to you soon.

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