Saved by the Bell Taught me the Pitfalls of Poor Time Management

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Saved by the Bell Taught me the Pitfalls of Poor Time Management


Saved by the BellWhen I was younger, like Junior High, I watched my fair share of ‘Saved by the Bell’.  Heck, I loved the show, and in some ways, I still do.  I remember watching the episode where the ladies (Jesse, Kelly, and Lisa) formed a singing group, and Jesse was under a lot of pressure and ended up taking too many caffeine pills so she could stay awake and on top of her studies, and her blossoming music career. 

In the climax of the episode, she keeps repeating, “There’s no time, there’s never any time” in a desperate, chanting fashion.  Now back then, I totally thought she was overreacting, because as a kid in Junior High, it seemed like there was always time; there was time for school, time for sports, time for friends, and everything in between.


Fast Forward a few years...

Now, as an adult, I absolutely get it.  Priorities seem to grow as we do, and now when I look back on that cheesy, yet poignant episode, I find myself thinking Jesse was spot on in her stress over not having enough time.  Nowadays, it’s far too easy to forget about one small task or project, and there are so many balls in the air, at times it seems inevitable that one will drop from time to time.Watches

The concept of time management is a daunting one, mainly because we as human beings, parents, spouses, friends, and professionals are so driven by habit and routine, it’s overwhelming to think about reworking our routine and our schedule, but the idea is to make our schedules work for us, rather than just being a vague guideline for our busy days, weeks, and months.  

I recently started collaborating with Andrew Johnson, with Touchstone Realty in West Virginia, on co-hosting a Market Leader Power Hour, which is a weekly strategy and best practice webinar series.   Andrew is a power house agent, and in addition to being named #24 in the REAL Trends Top 250 Real Estate Professionals by Transaction Sides, he's also the creator of the DREW System, a comprehensive program designed to help real estate agents dramatically improve their productivity.  Andrew has mastered the art of time management and scheduling for real estate agents, and will be joining me to share his tips and strategies from the DREW System to maximize hours in the day.

Join us this Wednesday, 10/23, to hear about how scheduling your day can lead to money in the bank, and how to become a better agent with time management.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson
Touchstone Realty

Market Leader Power Hour
Wednesday, 10/23
10:00am - 11:00am PDT
To register, click HERE

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