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Foreclosure Homes in Hamilton Mill, Atlanta Foreclosure Homes

Foreclosure Homes in the Atlanta metro area.

The House bill recently proposed by two Democrats named “Right to Rent” is a chance for homeowners facing foreclosure the ability to remain in their homes for up to five years. This is a bill introduced by Raul Grijalva and Marcy Kaptur, which would allow families looking at foreclosure the right to petition a judge to remain in their homes for five years as renters. The home will have to be appraised to set the fair market value and then assign a rental rate based on the local area rental rates which can rise with inflation, all instructions set forth by the petitioned judge.

The foreclosure homes in Hamilton Mill are at risk of lower property values, crime and maintenance that vacant, foreclosed homes have on neighborhoods. In a statement released by Grijalva, he states that “the historic crisis we face and the need for creative solutions like Right to rent … I call on the rest of Congress to take a hard look at why we’ve allowed things to get this bad”.

Hamilton Mill continues to be one of the most desired communities or suburbs to move into despite the foreclosure homes at Hamilton Mill. Last checked there were 97 homes for sale and 15 of those are short sales. The most expensive home is running at 1.1 Million. And the least expensive home on as low as $209K. An amazing chance of a lifetime, the average home priced in Hamilton Mill under contract is $317K. The average days on the real estate market for the homes for sale in Hamilton Mill is ninety one days. The prices are terrific right now on the foreclosure homes at Hamilton Mill.

Forty percent of first time home buyers were facing bank-owned foreclosures in 2009. Fifty percent of people buying short sale homes were first time buyers. By definition, a distressed property is one that was purchased with a loan and the homeowner is no longer able to make their mortgage payment resulting in foreclosure – or if they’re lucky a short sale – meaning they owe more on the home than it’s currently worth. As the economy continues to heal homeowners are affected as a large percentage of home sales are distressed properties or sales from a foreclosure. This can be a great time to be in the market for a home and choosing to be open to a unique buying experience or transaction is and opportunity worth the transition. Prices are low on foreclosed homes in Hamilton Mill, and this is a rare opportunity to be a part of a small home town feeling neighborhood that offers all the needs of a big city right in your backyard. Plus the lavish and custom built homes for sale to choose from are the deal of a lifetime, as well. Studies prove that the savings from buying a foreclosed property saves 10 to 40 percent over the price of comparable properties in a traditional sale.


Sellers and lenders are highly motivated due to the statistics of one in every 387 households in America are looking at foreclosures. The sellers are ready to get out from under a home that is stressing their current financial situations. Moreover, the transaction can be an emotional experience, the sellers are more than willing to lower the price or sometimes consider concessions such as helping put closing costs.

To see the current list of foreclosure homes in Hamilton Click Here. Keep in mind that Hamilton Mill is a very popular place to live, homes listed for sale in this subdivision usually sell fast, therefore, this community may not have any foreclosure homes.

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