Calimesa California Home Pricing - How to Price My Calimesa Home For Sale

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Calimesa California Home Pricing - How to Price My Calimesa Home For Sale

Are you considering selling your Calimesa home but you're wondering what a good list price would be? The Calimesa real estate market is a moving target. What a Calimesa home sold for last year is different from what it could sell for now- think of Calimesa home prices like how a company's stock price fluctuates.

Calimesa Home Pricing Step 1:

Do your homework. There are a ton of resources online for real estate buyers and sellers like Google, Zillow, Trulia, our website at Garrigus Real Estate, etc.. Find home listings currently for sale and compare them to yours. Is the comparable Calimesa home close to yours? Is the square footage of the Calimesa listing close to yours? Is the square footage of the lot similar? Are the approximately the same number of rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, etc..

Calimesa Home Pricing Step 2:

Be honest. Use a scale of 1 to 10. Rate the condition of the Calimesa listings you've found from 1 being very poor condition, to 10 being excellent condition. Then try to rate your Calimesa home the same. If your home is in better condition than another Calimesa home for sale, then your Calimesa house should be priced higher, and visa versa.

Calimesa Home Pricing Step 3:

Contact a few Calimesa Realtors and ask them to price your home. Why? First off, the instructions above are a simplified way of doing a CMA, or a Comparative Market Analysis. A Calimesa real estate agent can more accurately perform one of these using their training and experience. Also, even though sold homes and prices are public knowledge, this information is more difficult to find for someone not in the real estate industry, but Calimesa sold homes information is just as valuable, if not more valuable than current Calimesa homes for sale for pricing your Calimesa home.

Also, there are other terms and conditions of Calimesa home listings and sales that need to be considered when pricing, like concessions and contributions of a sale. This is where the expertise of a skilled and competent Calimesa Realtor is invaluable.

Most Calimesa real estate professionals will provide a CMA of your Calimesa home free of charge. If they do try to charge you, find a different Calimesa agent.

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