Knoxville Real Estate Auctions, Do You Need A REALTOR?

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Knoxville real estate auctions, do you need a REALTOR®? It is a good question.  The process of buying a Knoxville home at an auction appears easy.  After all, you show up for a property you are interested in, make a bid, and walk away as the owner or not.  In theory the process is simple, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into.

The best way to approach a Knoxville real estate auction is with education and preparation.  Get as much information on a property as humanly possible before attending an auction because if you walk away the winner there is no turning back, you will be the owner.  Buying a Knoxville property at an auction can be hugely successful but again, you need to know what you are buying.

When you buy a Knoxville property at an auction you are buying it “as-is”.  There will be no contingencies, like the inspection objection you would find in a standard contract to purchase.  Of course the saving could make this worth it and the property could very well be in excellent condition.

So, do you need a Knoxville REALTOR® to help you with purchasing a home at an auction?  Not necessarily, but adding experience on your side can never hurt.  Contact us today to learn more about Knoxville real estate auctions.  We have a great deal of experience with auctioning properties and welcome the opportunity to help you do your homework.  

Click here to read “Auctions: Do You Need an Agent?” from The Wall Street Journal.

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