Beyond Bad Jobs Report, but great Webcam

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Well Hello,

So today we added some more bad news for the economy.  The jobs report was once again below were we need to be to truly start lowering the unemployment rate (not just having it lowered because of people "giving Up" and exiting the job force.)  The good news is though that interest rates once again dropped downward and with Yellin getting ready to head the Fed the money will flow like the Amazon during peak season.  So with the best buying season coming up (Nov and Dec) you will be able to get a get a price on a home that is a good long term deal (home prices are finally stable to moving downward as a buyers market looms in the coming months/5 to be more exact.)  So relax and enjoy the market and use this webcam below to check one of the best beaches around San Diego.  Thanks for reading and call or email me with any questions.


PS someone please tell Home Depot to take down the Christmas gear!


Great Cam for La Jolla Beaches



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