Is Your Real Estate Business Out of Gas?

Services for Real Estate Pros with Commission Express (Platinum)

I would like to say “Congratulations” to every single person who makes their living as a real estate agent. If you have made it through the last four years and are still in business, you must be doing something right! However, you also know that the income stream of a real estate agent can at times be…let’s just say “spotty”.  For years, top producers have used commission advances from COMMISSION EXPRESS to weather the unpredictable nature of working capital presented by real estate.

Let’s use an analogy to examine why: it is a no-brainer to understand that a car will not operate when it is out of gas; leaving you stranded on the roadside. What you do once you have run out of gas is another question. Do you sit and wait until someone offers help, do you walk to the nearest Exxon station, or do you the call the tow truck for 5 gallons of gas? Similar to a car on “E”, if your business runs out of working capital, you will be sitting by the roadside, unable to sell more real estate. But your options for “topping off” your working capital look a little different; you can reach out to your friends and family for help, apply for a bank loan, or you could simply leverage a service that has existed for 20 years – commission advances from COMMISSION EXPRESS.

Let’s examine these options:

Ask your friends and family for money: let’s be honest, this presents an awkward situation for all involved and will usually result in hurt feelings. Besides, do you want them to wonder every time you take a client out to lunch why you are paying for lunch instead of paying them back?

Outcome – plausible, but painful.

Apply for a bank loan: When a bank makes a loan, they are only concerned about your documented income relative to your expenses and your credit score. They are neither interested in how many pending real estate contracts you have on the books nor will they recognize them as potential income. And, even if you are fortunate enough to have a favorable income to expense ratio or a perfect credit score, the decision time frame is far too slow to be of use to your real estate business.

Outcome – darn near impossible.

Commission advances from COMMISSION EXPRESS: the application process is painless, they don’t tell you how to run your business, and they recognize your pending contracts as potential income. While commission advances are subject to underwriting, COMMISSION EXPRESS can provide working capital to real estate professionals in as little as two days and all an agent needs to get started is a real estate contract free of contingencies, except for financing. Top producing agents have used commission advances to their advantage for years, and now you can too.

Outcome – fast, easy, and painless.

So next time your real estate business “runs out of gas,” turn to the solution top producing agents have used for 20 years – commission advances from COMMISSION EXPRESS.

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