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copy machine - certifying a copyI was once asked by a man to certify a copy of a passport. The only problem was that he didn't have the original. He had a copy of it. I explained that I cannot certify a copy of a copy. 

The notary must either make the copy of the original, or witness the bearer of the document making the copy.

I have to admit that I was ignorant of the notary procedure that would have allowed me to provide him with an 'Affidavit of True Copy'

What this essentially does is place the responsibility on the bearer of the document.  What the notary does is have the bearer swear or affirm that it is a true copy of the original.

Since that time I have prepared myself to provide this additional notary service, in addition to certifying copies.

Affidavit of True Copy - labelsI could use a loose certificate, which I often use, although I also have these 'Affidavit of True Copy' labels. They come in a roll of 100.

Affidavit of True Copy - affixed to documentThis is how it appears when it is affixed to a document:






copy certification - labelThis is in contrast to a certified copy. When I perform a copy certification, I am saying that the copy is a true copy of the original.  Here is a sample label for a certified copy:







copy certification - stampI also have a copy certification ink stamp that I can use:





Here is the wording of it:

copy certification - notarial wording

I want to be prepared to perform copy certifications wherever I am, so I keep all of these things in my bag at all times. The stamp, as well as the 2 rolls of certificates, fit inside one of these Spacemaker boxes:

copy certification stamp and labels - affidavit of true copy labels  notary stamps inside bag

I have written on the subject of certified copies in the past. For more information, see:

Be prepared for the unexpected: certified copies

For certified copies of birth certificates:

application for certified copy of birth certificate

Click here for a Colorado Application for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate


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Shannon Ziccardi
"A Quick Note" ...in Tennessee! - Clarksville, TN
"A Quick Note" Mobile Notary ...in Tennessee!

Interestingly, I received a request via email just today for exactly that!  Here is an excerpt of my response to his request which was actually more about my fees:

I cannot notarize a copy of such a document as true and correct as I, being a notary public, am not empowered to certify such a document copy as true and correct.  What I can do is notarize a document/affidavit wherein you state that it is a true and correct copy of the original. 

Nice to see others exploring the same issues...best wishes with your Colorado Signing business!  Visit my website and add your name to my database (NOTARIES page).  Perhaps I can throw you some work...


"A Quick Note" 

Mar 14, 2008 02:27 PM
Joan Bergstrom
Joan Bergstrom Mobile Notary - Riverside, CA
Mobile Notary, Riverside CA

California Notaries can use a Jurat called:Copy Certification by Document Custodian  and by using this notary form the client can get a copy of their college grades  notarized. This just  an example.

Understand, the CA notary is not certifying that the client's college grades are correct/legal/certified/etc, but with this Jurat document the "client" swears/affirms to the notary that their college grades are correct.

Your client must be given an oath/affirmation

If any Calif Notary would like a free 2008  Copy Certification By Document Custodian

email me: joan.bergstrom@yahoo.com



Mar 14, 2008 04:52 PM