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If no one sees your home, no one can purchase!

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Gone are the days when a short ad in a newspaper or homes magazine and a sign in the yard would get a home sold.

     Now, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, over 80% of all homebuyers begin their search on the internet. They don’t see an agent or ask a question until they think they have chosen some homes to view. That means the presentation on the internet has to be good.

            Virtual tours, numerous photographs, and well-written descriptions about the features and benefits of a home are a must.

            In addition, your agent needs to be doing the right things to drive visitors to his or her website. The listings in MLS that everyone can view are too brief to give buyers the information they want.

            An agent dedicated to selling your home will employ a variety of methods to get your listing in front of the right buyers. As a seller, you need to ask a prospective agent about his or her marketing plan.

            But there’s something more that enters into marketing, and it’s a factor that is seldom mentioned. That factor is agent reputation. Here’s why it matters…

Much, if not most of the time, the agent who lists your home will not be the same agent who brings the buyer. And, in spite of the extensive information on the internet, most of the time a buyer will not choose the home he originally wanted to view.


            If you’d like to know the marketing plan I use to market my listings, please do call me. I’ll be happy to explain. Just give me a call at 678-939-2791 or email me at vspivey@prudentialga.com. Of course, there's no obligation.