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A REALTOR is a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land; a real estate agent. It is not a simple process but we are the glue that holds it all together and to hire a good Realtor, there is a lot to be done to insure the success of a real estate transactions. 

To even begin the process, where do we find people who want to sell and QUALIFIED people who want to buy?  It's about the volume of lead generation.  It's who you know, who do they know and who you can get to know who maybe in the market to sell or buy.  That's not always an easy task.  Door knocking, phone calls, follow up, open houses, advertising, sponsorship and so on and so on.  I know because of experience, if we press daily to lead generate, we will get business and we will build the business.  You will located a willing Home Owner who is in the market to Sell and a Buyer who is qualified, willing and able to Buy. 

Once the players are in place, it's not just The Realtor, The Home Owner, and the Buyer.  The players include these along with the Lender, The Appraiser, Termite Inspector, The Home Inspector, The Settlement Company and "THE INFAMOUS UNDERWRITER".  As a Realtor, we are keeping all the players in place to insure the process moves smoothly and efficiently because "Time Is Of The Essence".  Escrow procedures and rules varies from State to State and there may be more or less other players in the game of Let's Get This Closed because there are so many things that could go wrong.  Issues may arise like the appraisal isn't high enough, termites caused extensive damage, clouds on the title, major defects during the home inspection, financing falls through, home is not insurable and these are just a few.  The REALTOR is the person who goes through the entire process with the Seller or the Buyer to put out fires, handle questions, keeping everyone on a time crunch and much more.  It's a tedious, meticulous job but someone has to do it and I love doing it!  Is it stressful?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no! 

Familiarize yourself if you are a Seller or a Buyer with the process so you will be well prepared and well versed about what is going to happen in this process.  Transferring home ownership can be stressful for all parties and a good REALTOR is there every step of the way to take away a lot of the stress.  Realtors are important and we work to get the job done!
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