"Put the hook in the head!"

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My wife, Pam, and I spent a couple of hours fishing tonight off the marina in the Colonnades on our beloved Hutchinson Island, Florida.  Even though we do not have a condo on the water in the Colonnades, we have equal privileges to use all of the marina facilities.  Therefore, we decided to go catch our dinner!

I went to the local tackle shop and bought two dozen live shrimp.  So far, so good.  I baited Pam's hook with the shrimp from head to tail. (Pay attention. Head to tail is important here)   She continued to reel in a half eaten shrimp with the head missing.  After this happened three or four times, she kept saying, "Ken, the fish are just biting off the head!"  Now, I have learned over the years that a sharp "Ken" does not convey the same message as a soft "Kenny"!  So, even though, I ALWAYS hook the live shrimp the same way, I knew that I had better make a change or else the next headless shrimp would be wrapped around my head!

So, with a bemused smirk, I carefully hooked the shrimp from tail to head. (Notice the difference)  This left the point of the hook lodged somewhere in the shrimp's brain, probably killing it instantly.  Oh, well.  Better the shrimp than me! Pam then flipped her line into the water and before I could gather up my pole, she reels in this beauty of a Mangrove Snapper!   As she gives me "the look" I dutifully thread another shrimp on her line tail to head.  Another fish.....and another....and another.....and another!

It left me wondering why am I so resistant to change?  I get this mental image of myself with my arms folded across my chest, saying, "I have never done it this way before!"  "By all means, Ken, if it is not working just keep on doing what you are doing."  It reminds of the old saying that stupidity is making the SAME decisions over and over again expecting DIFFERENT results. 

If this is the first time that you have read our blog, my wife Pam and I, relocated from Maine to our beloved Colonnades here on Hutchinson Island, Florida.  We fell in the love with the "old Florida" feeling of Hutchinson Island.  Not too busy.  Surrounded by water.  Great laid back restaurants.  The friendliest people on the planet.  And best of all, the Colonnades.  A very active 55+ community with all of the amenities of a well appointed resort, yet so very affordable.  Here is an example of a great condo on the water with a boat slip for $500 a year!  Come on down!  Oh, by the way, we have our home in Maine for sale!


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Catherine Ulrey
Keller Williams Capital City - Salem, OR
Equestrian and Acreage Property Specialist

We all get stuck in our ways!  Congrats to your wife on catching so many fish.

Oct 26, 2013 07:30 AM
Cindy Jones
Integrity Real Estate Group - Woodbridge, VA
Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News

Congratulations on having a great fresh caught dinner on the menu.  You just never know what a little shake up might do for your results.

Oct 26, 2013 07:38 AM
Kenneth Theobald
Hutchinson Island, FL
Your Keller Williams Realtor on Hutchinson Island

Thank you.  I could not agree more.  A great lesson that I will not forget and the fish were delicous!

Oct 26, 2013 07:40 AM
Florida Tolbert Team Keller Williams Advantage
Keller Williams Advantage III Realty in Lake Nona - Orlando, FL
Keller Williams Land Luxury Division Specialist

Oh Ken how easy you fell into her trap HOOK LINE and SINKER.  Now she can rub in that she knew the right better than you once again. 

Oct 26, 2013 02:16 PM
Kenneth Theobald
Hutchinson Island, FL
Your Keller Williams Realtor on Hutchinson Island

Too funny, Kevin.  My next blog will be on "Raising the Bar!"  50 closings in one month!  Beyond excellent!  Congratulations!

Oct 27, 2013 01:32 AM