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HOME MAINTENANCE MONTH HAS ARRIVED! I know it's not always as fun as trick-or-treating, but...


Handle with Care

As the leaves begin to dress themselves in new colors, I'm inspired to dress myself a little warmer, too... changing out that closets this Sunday. But it also gets me thinking about it being a great time to check a few things around the house and perform any needed maintenance, too. Just as regularly checking the oil and changing it often in my car leads to many extra miles of worry-free driving; regular maintenance checkups around the house can lead to less repairs and even lower repair bills when they are needed.

One of the most neglected, but simplest areas for maintenance is the gutters and downspouts that channel water from our rooftops. I thought about that last night at a Halloween party that was graced with a power outage! And hail hitting the windows! Spooky! Seriously, allowing any back up in this area is one of the main causes of damage to roofs and soffits. Water allowed to pool right at the roof line can cause hidden damage that carries high cost to correct by the time it is found. Who wants that nightmare? This can usually be easily avoided by the simple clearing away of any debris build up in the gutters and clearing the path to downspouts preventing most damage from occurring in the first place. Even if you have had screens installed over the gutters, a quick check to clear any twigs and leaves gives peace of mind concerning far more expensive roof repairs later.  While you’re up there giving your gutters a once over, do the same to the tiles or shingles of the roof.    

Professionally check those AC and heating units. Drain hot water heaters occasionally. Check windows for proper seals at closing and make certain storm windows are in good condition.  If your AC and heating system uses a monthly filter, changing it regularly helps keep your air cleaner and the furnace working in top condition. According to home expert Bob Vila, another area that gets neglected is the garage door seal.  Particularly, he suggests repairing or replacing the seal between your garage door and the ground to be sure there are no gaps. This deters drafts, but also serves to keep small animals out.  Any gap is an invitation for mice to set up their winter camp in your unprotected garage! ICK! 

By regularly performing maintenance check points at each seasonal change, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in repair costs over many years. Even more importantly, regular maintenance helps your home do a better job of keeping you safe and snug through all kinds of weather. For more maintenance ideas, take a look at one of these sites:

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