Should You Sell Your Spokane, WA Home in the Fall?

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Spokane Real Estate in Fall

We have met with many sellers recently who are under the impression that since they didn't have their home on the market during the summer, that they have missed the selling season and they should just wait until next spring to put their home on the market.  They have been surprised to find out that Spokane homes  still sell very quickly in the fall as well!
The Spokane real estate market is very cyclical with the temperature, with the slowest month being January, activity increasing in the spring, peaking in July and gradually lessening through December. As you can see from the graph, more homes sell in October  and November than in March and April!closedsales2013
The most important factors to consider in the timing of putting your Spokane home on the market are: 1) Buyer Demand, which is fueled by interest rates, and 2) Inventory Levels, which are historically lower during the fall than during the spring.  With interest rates in the 4's and media reports about the very real possibility of increasing interest rates, buyer demand is very high right now. It is the ideal time for Spokane home sellers who may be considering buying another home because they can take advantage of the recent appreciation in Spokane's real estate market while also getting an opportunity to lock in on these historically low interest rates.
Even if you are not planning to purchase another home, Fall is still a great time to sell your Spokane home!  Find out how much your Spokane home is worth.
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