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Clutter Eats Equity Home Staging Jennifer Fitze
Clutter Eats Equity

One of the most important things to address when thinking of selling your home is "What do I do with all my "stuff??" We've all been there...we all have the junk drawers, the family photos everywhere, the kids toys, little trinkets from every vacation you've been on, filled kitchen countertops with every appliance you can buy.....don't be ashamed...WE ALL HAVE IT!! However, when it's time to sell your need to PACK IT UP!! If you are serious about selling...home staging is key! Now, don't stress out about home staging! It's not what it used to be or what you believe it to me!! Home Staging is about creating space and allowing the space to be presented to prospective buyers in a new light. But first things first....Clutter Eats Equity!! The more "stuff" you have in your home, the less it will sell for!! Buyers are paying a lot of money for a home with space...and if your home is filled to the brim with "stuff" and not "space"......they aren't buying it! So, go to your local Walmart or liquor store and get some boxes....pack it up! Less is more!! You're moving anyway, so start the packing process early!

More tips on home staging to stay tuned!!

If you'd like a home staging me!! I can take a tour of your home and give you some insights as to what may need to be done to sell. I also have a home stager on my team that would love to come over and talk with you!! Call/Text me directly at 443-504-7830 or Email  me at for more information on home staging!