Welcome Kim Corbitt, Realtor - Albany-Schenectady New York

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Welcome Kim Corbitt, Realtor - Greenwood Village, NY I am proud and honored to be your Homes for Heroes Affiliate here in the Capital District! Fortunately, my life is full of everyday heroes like you and they never cease to amaze me. I’ve seen how hard you work, how little you’re paid and how often you make sacrifices in your own lives to teach, serve and save others.


My husband Dennis is teacher and Football coach.  My brother, sister-in-law and most of our friends are also teachers.  The rest of our family and friends are police officers, firemen, and nurses.  But lately, the most amazing heroes in my life are my husband’s football players and my children’s friends that have chosen to serve our country by enlisting in the military.  Over the years they’ve been at our home, day in and day out.  We’ve fed them, guided them, watched them learn from their mistakes and loved them all.  It’s been hard to watch them go, but we’re so proud of them and the choices they’ve made!


Helping local heroes like you save money when buying or selling a house seems like the least I can do to give back for all you do for us!


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