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Negotiation and Follow-through

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Once a buyer has stepped forward with an offer, one of the most critical phases of selling your home begins, because it’s a rare when a buyer offers exactly the price and terms you’ve asked for in your listing.

            You and your agent should have discussed this in advance and planned for what you might be willing to “give” in order to close a sale. It could be a small reduction in price, an allowance for new carpet, or the willingness to pay some of the buyer's loan fees.  Do be prepared to give something, because the "take it or leave it" stance generally leads to "leave it.

Thus, pre-planning is an important first step in negotiations. The others come as we carefully consider the pros and cons of each point in a buyer’s offer. As your agent, I’ll use the experience gained through past transactions together with my knowledge of current market conditions to help you make wise decisions and responses. 

Many agents feel their work is finished when the terms of the purchase agreement have been agreed upon and signed by all parties, and that’s why many home sales fall through. The truth is, that’s when the hard work often begins.

For instance, another round of negotiations often takes place in reaction to the inspections. As your agent, I’ll help you determine whether requests are reasonable, or if a buyer is simply trying to “get something for nothing.”

Title issues can also appear, and if they aren't handled quickly and efficiently, the transaction will fall through. Left to the buyers’ agent, the title company, the mortgage lender, or an attorney to solve, these issues can spell death to your sale. My work on your behalf includes taking fast action to solve any problems that could prevent your home sale from closing.

            Buyer loan issues are next in line to threaten your success. Often, these can be solved through both sides working together to find a solution. But if you don't have a strong agent on your side, the transaction will simply fail.


When I list your house for sale, I'll be there at every step to answer your questions, assist with negotiations, keep you informed, and work hard to ensure that everything goes smoothly from listing all the way through closing. That’s my promise.