What good is an Approved Supplier anyway?

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By Rebecca Cranwell

As a real estate agent, you’ve probably had the term “Approved Supplier!” shouted at you a million times. But what exactly is an Approved Supplier, and what are the benefits of using one?

It’s really pretty self explanatory: if a business is an ‘Approved Supplier’ it means the big wigs at your company or industry have evaluated and—watch out, now—approved the products or services offered by the supplier. Long story short—your company trusts the Approved Supplier to deliver quality products and services.

Benefits of using an Approved Supplier include:

    1. Personalized company web-pages. Not all, but many approved suppliers offer web-pages specifically for your company; this way products that don’t apply to you are sifted out and you get to what you need faster. These pages are often coordinated to coincide with your marketing schedule. You will be offered products you need when you need them, so you have plenty of time to meet your marketing deadline.
    2. Approved Suppliers often offer special offers.Special offers. You will also receive more special offers and discounts than regular customers. You will receive special discount codes and coupons through your personalized company webpage, or via email; these deals often line up with your marketing schedule, so you get great deals when you need them!
    3. Marketing help. Approved Suppliers cherish their relationship with your company and want to help you succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or peruse their site or blogs for helpful tips.
    4. Clear guidelines. If your company has restrictions, Approved Suppliers will offer guidelines, so you know the parameters you’re working in.
    5. Easy to find. Your company most likely offers an ‘Approved Suppliers List’ this way you don’t waste hours researching products online.
    6. Returning the favor. A portion of what your company spends at an Approved Supplier is returned to your company’s marketing efforts.

Using an Approved Supplier is a great idea for real estate agents looking to save time and money in marketing. Ask your company for an Approved Supplier List today!

Did I forget to mention any benefits to working with an approved supplier? Feel free to comment below.

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