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Home Staging Means Faster, Higher Offers

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Why You Should Stage Your Home Before Selling


Staging your home will sell it faster and will bring a higher sales price.

Staged Homes are bringing an average of $23,600 more on a $500,000 house....that's almost 5% more in your pocket.

A staged home will attract a broader range of buyers and realtors.

It becomes easier for buyers to form an emotional connection to a staged property.  By neutralizing the decor and adding appeal to vacant properties, buyers will be able to envision themselves living in the house.  

Home buyers will be able to better visualize furniture layouts.

Staging your home before putting it on the market will create a higher perceived value, make a stronger visual impression online to increase showings and will cost you less than your first price reduction.

John & Shannon Cox

You are absolutely right. I staged a vacant home last month and it sold in record time and at a record price for that subdivision. I couldn't believe the difference just a little bit of staging made.

Oct 29, 2013 07:10 AM