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Scottsdale Horse Property Realtor

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Equine Horse Property

 What does it take to be an expert on Scottsdale Horse Property?  First and foremost, an understanding of the area, the soil, the water, zoning restrictions, the climate and the people.....and lifelong experience in all disciplines of the equine industry doesn't hurt.

While the picture above may not depict your particular discipline I have experience in all disciplines of the horse industry and apply that to my expertise as  a Scottsdale Horse Property Realtor.

Scottsdale Horse Property Zoning

Maricopa County,  which is the underlying county for the municipalities of; Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Rio Verde and Carefree has its own set of zoning ordinances and restrictions.  While I live in Scottsdale my service areas include being a Horse Property Realtor in the areas of; Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree and Rio Verde Foothills.

Maricopa County Horse Property Zoning and Restrictions

Maricopa County Horse Property Zoning Restrictions are the basis for Horse Property Zoning and Restrictions.  Other municipalities such as Cave Creek, Carefree and Phoenix overlay their restrictions on top of Maricopa County.  There are areas that are referred to as "County Islands" and "Unincorporated Maricopa County".  Areas such as these are not subject to the overlays by municipalities unless the property is in that particular incorporated area.  In the case of  "County Islands" and "Unincorporated Maricopa County" the only restrictions a property will be subject to is Maricopa County and may also include the Maricopa County Flood Control District if any of the property falls within a floodplain or an area Maricopa County Floodplain overlay.  Horse Property zoning in Maricopa County primarily focuses on setbacks, covered roof area percentages  as it pertains to overall square footage, the numberof  residential structures on a zoned property and use.    Information relating to ordinances, setbacks, zoning and use can be found at Maricopa County Zoning Ordinances.

Scottsdale Horse Property Water Issues

Water Issues affecting Scottsdale Horse Property can be significant.  Some areas of Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree and Phoenix have available municipal water.  In other areas water supply can be from Water Well Production or Hauled Water depending upon the water table, water quality and water depth.  An indepth article on this can be found at  the following water well blog.

Horse Property Soil Issues

Horse Properties in Maricopa County in the areas of Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Phoenix and Rio Verde Foothills vary from location to location.  For example, the area known as Rio Verde Foothills Horse Property has a soil type that is referred to as "decomposed granite".  This particular soil type has a mixture of clay and a fine gravel that when dry can be as hard as concrete and very slick and when wet, a goo like substance.  As each Horse Property Discipline requires different footing for safety for the animal and rider the base may or may not be a hauled soil type and the overlaying top surface of another soil type.  This is especially critical for horse disciplines that require a sound footing such as jumping, barrel racing, roping, cutting, working cowhorse, etc.  Water, again plays a role in this as the prepared horse footing typically requires water for compaction, eveness  and dust abatement.


Areas of Maricopa County Horse Property are subject to floodplain and floodway.  Maricopa County Flood Control District has additional building restrictions as it relates to Horse Barns, Horse Arenas, Horse Fencing and Homesites.  For instance, crossing a floodway with a fence requires a report by an Engineer to determine the flow of water and the height and type of bottom fence structure that can be placed in the floodway area.  Further information can be found here at Maricopa County Flood Control District.

Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree Horse Property Regulations

As I mentioned, the municipalities of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek and Carefree each have their own overlay upon Maricopa County Horse Property Regulations.  Further discussion of these regulations can be found in this BLOG ABOUT ZONING.

So, the decision is yours, ask an expert on Scottsdale Horse Property or ask a friend with a real estate license....An Expert on Scottsdale Horse Property will provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to make your decision.

Want to know more about  Scottsdale Horse Property Realtor, Jeff McDowell?  Follow this article written by Laurel Walker Denton and published in  the Arizona Quarter Horse Association Magazine.

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