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National News can confuse

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The national news networks like to talk about real estate and make predictions about whether the market is getting better or worse – and whether prices are going up or down.

            Unfortunately, some of them are writing about what they’ve learned in their local markets and some of them are reporting national averages. Neither of those reporting methods is of much use, because all real estate is local.

            Even within one city, prices and conditions change from neighborhood to neighborhood and price range to price range.

            And that’s not all… In spite of government programs and lending guidelines, even the kinds of loans available to buyers vary from place to place. This has an effect on supply and demand, so naturally affects home values.


The only way to know what’s happening in your local market is to look at local statistics and trends. 

Current values play a big part in making the decision on whether to sell your home or not. Click on this link to see a video report of your local market.