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Cadence Cyclery in Highland Village, Texas is now open for business!  

Cadence Cyclery

I love when new businesses open in Highland Village, especially ones that are locally owned and operated.  As a small business owner myself, I make sure I get to know business owners in my community.  We all want to have a successful business with happy clients and a good reputation in our neighborhood and I truly enjoy being able to meet such great members of the business arena.

Cadence Cyclery in Highland Village is the second location for owner Chad, who opened up his first location in McKinney about two years ago.  Along with Damon, the Highland Village store GM, the two turned their passion for cycling into a successful business venture after years of trying to find a career that satisfied them personally and professionally.  

I am pretty clueless when it comes to cycling.  Now, I know how to ride a bike and have had a few bikes in my life.  My first real bike was a sweet pink Huffy like this one.  Don't be jealous!  I loved it!  It weighed about as much I did back in 3rd grade but I loved that bike!


Huffy Sweet Thunder from

While you won't find vintage bikes like this in Cadence Cyclery, if you are even considering a new bike for anyone in your family, an upgrade, or even an education, this has to be your first stop.  

If you're like me, buying a bike is a pretty mindless decision.  Where is the store with the best price and coolest colors and streamers on the handlebars?  It didn't really occur to me that I should go and actually have my child fitted for a bike that is less like riding a tank and more like riding on the back of a gazelle.  That is one of the beautiful things about Cadence.  The staff is going to take their time with you and fit you to the bike that is going to best suit your style of riding.  Is this going to be a bike that you will ride recreationally or a little more competitively?  Do you prefer a road bike?  Will you be riding every day or just once or twice a month?  


Damon brought up that his wife is six feet tall and bike retailers used to try and just find something that would work for her, even just putting her on a bike better suited for a man.  Another unique thing about Cadence Cyclery is they have a huge selection of bikes specifically designed for women.  Without stating the obvious, women and men have completely different body structures and truly need to be on a frame and bike that is better designed to fit a woman's body.  Education number 1.  I mean, I know that men and women are different, but I had no idea that there are actually bikes designed for women.  

When you purchase a bike at Cadence, it doesn't just end there.  They have a full service bike shop where you can take advantage of lifetime adjustments on your bike, have repairs completed in 2-3 days or even take a class to learn more about getting the most out of your bike.  


There are easy-to-find "departments" for all of your cycling needs.  You won't have to wander around and wonder if a certain bike is for men or women because they have it sectioned off.  Education number 2.  Helmets.  Did you know that a helmet only has a life span of about three years?  Depending on the UV light the helmet gets, how much you sweat and how often you use it, you may need to replace it more like every year.  As soon as you can start leaving an imprint on the inside padding, it is done.  You need to go in there just to check out the "Gucci" helmet that has Ferrari racing seat padding on the inside.

Giant is a major player in the cycling arena.  Never heard of them?  I hadn't either.  Damon said that Giant is the manufacturer for 80-90% of all the bikes on the road and makes bikes for Trek and Specialized, which I have heard of.  Education number 3!  

If you think that a specialty shop is going to be too expensive, you might be surprised.  They have bikes to fit all sizes of riders and budgets including a full line of kid's bikes and even some glide bikes for the littlest cyclists.

Even if you are just contemplating a new bike or have a small interest in taking on a new hobby, stop by and meet the staff at Cadence Cyclery.  You will enjoy the shiny merchandise, clean store and friendly sales associates.  If nothing else, you can come out feeling a little smarter!

Cadence Cyclery is across from LA Fitness and just north of Wal-Mart.  You can reach Cadence Cyclery by calling 972-966-BIKE (2453). 


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