All the In's and Out's of Buying a Home in a Homeowner's Association!

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Thinking of buying a home with a homeowner's association?? There is some information that you need to be made aware of during the contract process and after you can use!!!


Homeowners Associations are plentiful in Maryland. Almost all new construction communities have HOA's and unless you are living in the boonies, older homes have them too!! They are everywhere and it's hard to find a community without one. HOA's have their good and bad. On one side, they keep your neighbor from painting their house pink and purple (therefore depreciating your value) but they also cause issues when you want to upgrade or do some improvements on your own home.

When you submit an offer on a property, you are given a disclosure to sign stating that you are aware the home is under the rules/restrictions of a homeowner's association. You are also entitled to review all the HOA bylaws, restrictions, covenants, and current financial status of the HOA. These documents are ordered and paid for by the seller and are to be given to you, the buyer, within 5 days of closing. Once you receive this wonderful packet of rules, you have 5 days to read it. Now, I will tell you, this is not the most interesting stuff to read!! It's best to save it for when you can't sleep at will surely put you out! BUT, YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!!! There may be some information in there or a certain rule that you don't feel comfortable with. And it may be on page 312 and photocopied 1000 times from 1972....but it's important!!! I have had clients get burned with a certain rule after closing and got upset. Read the documents!!!!!

Once you have read the homeowner's associations rules, you are required to sign off on them and submit that to both agents. Keep these never know when something will pop up years down the road. Any questions....just ask!!!