Who is the Top Highlands Ranch Realtor?

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Highlands Ranch RealtorHow Can Anyone Claim to Be The Best Realtor in Highlands Ranch?

This post is not meant to be a rant about real estate agents that make rediculous claims about themselves.  There are some fantastic real estate agents out there that do a fair amount of business in addition to taking good care of their clients.  The large ranking websites typically use two criteria to rank real estate agents.  We are ranked by the number of transactions that we complete in a given year and the dollar volume of those transactions. We tend to see two types of agents at the top of the lists based on that criteria.  Agents that sell bank foreclosures ( they could get 100 property sales in a year from a contact at Bank of America or Wells Fargo easily ) tend to be at the top of the transaction lists.  Agents that sell high end luxury properties are also often at the top of the list.  ( Sell 20 homes valued at 1 million$ plus will get you near the top pretty easily ) 

What matters most is Customer Service and local knowledge.

I was told early on in my real estate career that GOD gave you two ears and one mouth.  He must want you to listen more than talk. I think that to be a good realtor you need to be a good listener.  We need to ask questions to help determine what is important to the client.  A good agent will also know how to protect their client during a transaction.  Clarification of the deatils of real estate contracts has saved me and my clients a lot of trouble over the years. Local knowledge of the Highlands Ranch area is also invaluable to both buyers and sellers.  Many brokers claim to know the area but have no idea who the builders are, what the schools are like or where the recreation centers are and what they offer.

Who do you think the Top Realtor in Highlands Ranch is?

I would love to see what you have to say about this.  Is there an agent that has helped you in the past that did an exceptional job? Our opinions are based on what type of experience that we might have had.  There is no one agent that does everything perfect every time.  At least I certainly am not that person.  I live in Highlands Ranch and work primarily in Highlands Ranch as a real estate agent.  If you are looking for a home in Highlands Ranch then I would love to interview for the job.

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