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The 60's & 70's saw the popularization of wall-to-wall carpeting.  Today, many homeowners are searching beneath the surface in hopes of finding the timeless showpiece: original hardwood floors. The path to discovery is straightforward. Grab the pliers, grab a corner, and pull.  

Under that shag, you might find that the carpet padding was attached with thousands of staples or, worse, glue.   You might find water damage or stains.  You might find a life-sized version of your favorite board game!  Reddit user Nnewel just did.


 Ripped up carpet and found monopoly

Photo Credit: IMGUR

But Why?  The previous owners aren't available for comment, so thousands are guessing.  In just two days, over 2,000 people have commented and conjectured on the original post!  Is this a cry for help from a member of Boardgame Addicts Anonymous?  A statement on the virtues of owning property?  Some theories are less than savory.  


The discovery of this buried treasure begs another question...where is the giant thimble? 

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