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Regardless how you view it, a CRM, or customer relationship management, always has a customer relationship marketing dimension in it.  CRM enhances customer relationship marketing. Repeat business and referrals provide your company the most lucrative source of business. Existing customers recognize you, already believe you, and value all your efforts accomplished on their behalf. Your next rational action is to put all that positive feedback to work for you -- again and again. Rinse and repeat, as they always say. Customer Relationship Marketing can be done efficiently thru the use of CRM.

With the various ways of communication made possible by the web, clients increasingly demand to interact with your company when it is convenient for them, not you. This could require a major shift on the way you presently market products and services to your clients. Only this challenge can be overcome when you use real-time client info and prompt response from across the company to provide offers at the time client attention is at its peak.

Customer Relationship Marketing is a process where marketers build a long-term, trusted relationship with their clients. The strategies and tactics are event driven, only the relationship with the client is considered as a continuing process rather than a single event. To build referrals and gain repeat business, a strong customer relationship marketing thru the use of CRM should include the following strategies:

1. Communicate on a regular basis with your  customers. Take advantage of all available methods, online and offline, to demonstrate your professionalism and continued interest. Send regular emails or "thank you" notes to your clients, to update them on new offerings.

2. Project high quality service with electronic newsletters. Also include, articles on improvements, redecorating, gardening, and home maintenance. Don't forget to ask for referrals.

3. Produce personalized birthday and anniversary cards for past seller and buyer clients.

4. Endeavor to obtain at least one new referral customer per transaction. Always think that closings are never truly closed until you get a referral. Continue to perform a business-building campaign even after each closing that includes e-mails, faxes, phone calls, and follow-up-letters to the buyers, the selles, and potential customers.

5. Get feedback from prospects, customers, and past clients. As part of your continuing customer retention campaign, you should know what questions your customers are asking. Then strive to answer those questions at a later time for prospects in the pipeline. Put a FAQ answering those questions in a section of your website.

Build your communications with your clients in a manner that instills trust. Rather than being pushy on selling, provide valuable information to your clients. Use a variety of tools and more than one medium (phone, emails, internet, newsletters, etc.) when communicating with your clients.

With a CRM is in place, achieving all the above strategies become easier and it will also enable you to make smart decisions about clients within a defined acceptable time frame across all possible customer interactions (phone, internet, presentations, meetings, emails, autoresponders, newsletters etc.). You could also develop a highly detailed, personalized and profitable customer relationship marketing plan whose sole focus is delivering measurable and sustainable results.

It is clear that a central CRM database is crucial for maintaining all your customer relationship interactions with your clients. From lead generation and incubation up to conversion, our CRM solution can seamlessly integrate with your website design. Want to know more, then go to

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