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ActiveRain Product Reviews Newsletter - 09-27-2013

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Personal Branding/ Self Promotion

To consumers, we're all one big jumble of people that pretty much all do the same thing. So how do you stand out to consumers? Create a personal brand. 

Looking to create a personal brand? Companies like Agent Makeover and By Design Publishing specialize in building personal brands. Share your experience working with Agent Makeover or your experience with By Design Publishing!
In the market for web design or business cards? David Saks says Brand Co. is "a great team of young, talented artists, information technology experts, and marketing professionals." What did you think of Brand Co.?
In two weeks we will share your reviews for transaction management companies. Get your name in lights by reviewing your best or worst of them!  
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Pro Step Marketing? Share your experience!
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Recognition Express
provides promotional products for organizations. 'Rainers seem to have mixed reviews for this company! Debbie Reynolds says, "They always got it right." While Tammie White's "only gripe is two-fold: cost and quality." How would you review this company?
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