Wholesale Property List, Pittsburgh November

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Whether you are an active real estate investor or act as a buyers agent, check the wholesale property list 


We compile the best deals available, from over a dozen of the area's finest wholesalers. And you always get the very best price. Never a markup for commission! ( so be sure to have a buyers agency agreement )

What you need to know:

  • Cash deals. Business LOC works too
  • As is / Where is
  • Most make excellent " flips" but all work for buy and hold
  • Can be purchased with your IRA
  • Not foreclosures, not short sales
  • Rarely on the MLS

Add the fact that Pittsburgh is a very stable real estate market, with lots of competition in the wholesale arena

We have access to dozens of properties, and they all move fast

Let us be your " one and done " call


Email me for more info:   www.JustCallBonnie@gmail.com



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