3 New Restaurants in Harrisonburg!

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Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents. Today our topic is food! If you're hungry, you may want to wait to read this post until after lunch.

image courtesy of Macado's website

As if we didn't have enough options to choose from already, Harrisonburg welcomes three new restaurants to our area this fall: Macado's, The Downtown, and Bella Luna. Both Macado's and The Downtown are currently open, but a November opening (Yes! That's this month!) is projected for Bella Luna.

Macado's: "Macado's has been serving extraordinary overstuffed sandwiches for over 30 years. Each of our locations is uniquely decorated with pop culture memorabilia and local artifacts covering the walls. You just have to be there!"

On my first trip to Macado's, which sits at 150 Deyerle Avenue, I was incredibly overwhelmed, but in a totally marvelous way. I went for lunch and got a delicious overstuffed ham and cheese sandwich on a buttered croissant and a sweet, yet pleasantly tart, fruit salad. It took me forever to figure out what to get because there are literally a hundred options on the menu to choose from, and I was also periodically distracted by ESPN and all of the neat stuff to look at on the walls. Prepare to be amazed.

Next restaurant, The Downtown: "Come join us in downtown Harrisonburg for Authentic Mediterranean food and drink. We bring you hand picked street foods of Doner, kebabs, appetizers, desserts, and delicious handmade drinks."

Though, I haven't made the trip to the Downtown yet. I heard it's absolutely superb. It's conveniently located on the corner of Water Street and 11, so parking is a breeze thanks to the Water Street parking deck.

One reviewer of the restaurant said, "BEST lemonade!!! The food is good too!" I love lemonade. It's a favorite of mine, and I always feast on at least two glasses during the week of the Rockingham County Fair.

Last but not least, Bella Luna: "Our Neapolitan-inspired, thin-crusted pizza is baked at 900 degrees in a traditional wood-fired oven, just as it was over 200 years ago in Naples, Italy. Our pizza dough is hand-made fresh daily, using only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast. Our chefs make fresh mozzarella, sausages, and artisan breads in-house."

And, to top it all off, the fresh, local ingredients will be used as much as possible for the pizzas, hand-crafted pastas, and seasonal salads. It is important to note, Bella Luna will have gluten-free options available for patrons! Like The Downtown, Bella Luna is also on Water Street, but it's right next to CubanBurger.

Hungry yet? If you weren't hungry already, you definitely will be after watching the video below! It's a video produced by the Harrisonburg tourism association that talks about how wonderful a place Harrisonburg is for foodies.

Until next time, folks!

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Always a great idea to showcase the businesses in our regions...nice localism post.

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