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Here is a benefit that many potential buyers are not considering. 

A Reservist or National Guard Member may qualify for full VA mortgage benefits if they were called up for Active Duty and served for at least 90 days.  Many of those returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, may not be aware of this benefit and as a Viet Nam vet, I am trying to get the word out. 

Why should a Buyer choose a VA loan?

>Credit score flexibility – as low as 640 <often, a returning veteran will find that a late payment knocked down their credit score.  VA & FHA are significantly more flexible.                                                                                                 >No money down for purchases up to $417,000

>Low money down for higher purchases up to $850,000.

> No monthly PMI  

> If you receive ANY VA disability you also avoid the up-front VA funding fee!

Why should a Seller consider a VA buyer?

Easy answer – they deserve a break.  Also, excluding a qualified buyer just doesn’t make sense.

Why should a Realtor market to veterans?

ØObtaining a VA mortgage is likely to be easier than FHA and because of the credit score flexibility; it may be easier than obtaining a conventional loan.

ØIt is likely that there are quite a few returning veterans that just do not know that they can buy a home NOW.

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