Hot market presents new challenges for buyers

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BC Cloutier on market challenges for buyers.

The down market in real estate was so long lived that a large portion of current buyers and sellers have never experienced the flip side. Rising markets, however, can and do present situations and conditions that create equally disturbing experiences for participants.


The constantly rising prices and multiple offers characteristic of a hot market require buyers to be extremely well organized -- including a written statement documenting  intentions, wishes, budget, and vision. Today, that doesn’t necessarily involve pen and paper -- but the list must be available to be read and re-read on demand, especially when an unexpected twist or opportunity presents itself. Google Drive is just one of the many technologies one can employ to not only store such lists, but for revising them as circumstances change. And change they will.


A few of the items in your written New Home Plan include:


  • Maximum distances to work, play, worship, and shopping. This should preclude falling in love with a property you’ll grow to resent because “it’s in the middle of nowhere.”


  • The kind of surroundings necessary  to maintain (or change) your lifestyle. Perhaps with the kids on the way to college, schools are a lesser priority while a gym or great restaurants become more important.


  • The amount of involvement (or lack thereof) in house-related projects you are willing to take part in. If you’ve never been keen on mowing the lawn, spending your Saturdays on a riding mower may not last as the delight it appears to be in the wake of an agent’s suggestion that a five-acre estate “would be perfect for you.”


This isn’t an exhaustive list -- but you get the point. Maintain your original intentions through the hunting and decision process. That’s not to say goals and intentions are set in concrete -- they are not.


However, changes should be made in the context of your plan going in -- weighed carefully vis-a-vis any new conditions, items, locations, and market conditions.


Having a written list of that Plan A will be invaluable in keeping you on the rails. Even if you do call it up on your smartphone or tablet!    


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