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There is a lot of things to consider in the home buying process.  Obviously, in today’s market it is challenging enough to buy homes.  It is even more of a challenge if you are in the hospitality industry in Middle Tennessee.  Most of us in this market are moved from place to place with little assistance from our employer.  This process can be very overwhelming.  Chris Phillips with Keller Williams can make this move seamless with his firsthand knowledge in the hospitality industry in Tennessee.  Chris worked over 15 years in the hospitality industry in Tennessee and understands the challenges faced by its employees in trying to build equity in their most important purchase of their life.  His knowledge will help guide you in your purchase or sale of your home.  Chris entered the real estate market in 2005, and has been one of the top producers over this time.  He credits his many years in the hospitality industry as a base in developing his listening skills and people skills.  Chris says that it was a natural fit in the transition from the hospitality industry into the real estate industry.  In many of his life lessons has helped have a edge over his competition with the #1 complaint being that most real estate agents don’t listen to their clients.  Chris takes this into consideration and has developed a system that puts his clients needs first.  With the hospitality industry being a huge employer in the Middle Tennessee market, Chris actively helps these buyers and sellers achieve their goals in real estate.  Middle Tennessee has been one of the top real estate markets across the nation and has made it very inviting to invest in real estate.  Some of Chris’ clients have even developed 2nd incomes by buying homes and re-selling or turning them into rental income for long term profit.    If you are a manage of a restaurant or hotel contact Chris Phillips and he will be happy to assist you in your home selling or buying process in Middle Tennessee.  You can visit his website at  You can also contact Chris by phone at 615-260-8811.  He would be happy to sit down with you and offer a free consultation on your real estate needs.  When meeting with Chris’ clients, some of their most common questions are:

 *  Is now the time to buy?

 *  Is now the time to sell?

 *  What happens if my company wants me to relocate in two years?

 *  Are there mortgage lenders who can get me qualified?

 *  How much money do I need to put down on a home?

 *  How fast can I sell my home?

 *  What kind of improvements should I make to my home?


Chris also gets questions on what are some of the best areas to buy in.  Chris’ is answers to this is Middle Tennessee is a very hot market.  Call him today!!!


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