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I was drawn to a report on CNN this morning about a bus driver fired for praying with kids on his bus. I found this interesting because Bonnie still helps out with a local bus company, the same bus company in the report. I won't tell you what she does on her bus. Use your imagination.

Here's why I think this is so ironic. The main thrust of aggression towards school prayer comes from atheists. Atheists for the most part believe in Darwinism and science is their religion. They go by cold hard facts, I know, I used to call myself one.

A while back, we studied some basics of quantum mechanics and the physics behind it all. What we discovered is that it is just simply how God created everything to be and work. Everything we learned about quantum physics is covered by what's written in the Bible, especially concerning our thought life. 

Scientists, doctors and researchers are all pretty much in agreement about how prayer is beneficial to all parties concerned. Here's why, it's the basic observer rule. Science has discovered that molecules, atoms and the particles that make up the atoms of everything respond to simply being observed. I won't go into details here but you can research on your own the double slit experiments.

With that basic knowledge what the double slit experiment teaches is the same message God has for us all, we control our environment, not vice versa. By observing something, we change the end result. Now if we observe something and also speak the life of the Holy Spirit over it, we not only change it but change it for the better. It's just pure science at it's base level. That is what prayer does, we see something, observe it and change it's course. Now who could possibly be against that unless they are against helping people?

The Bible tells us that we are to think on hope, peace, love and things that are of good report. That is why we have the abiltiy to lay hands on someone who has been diagnosed by science as having an illness and for some unknown reason, it leaves their body after we pray. So by blocking this action, those who oppose this kill, steal and destroy a better future for those they think they are protecting. 


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I bet it would have been OK if he had been passing our condoms.  God bless that man.  

Dec 13, 2013 02:52 AM