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One of my talents is networking.  I understand the dynamics of keeping old friends, making new friends, joining organizations, becoming active in them and just being VISIBLE. 

As a newbie in the mortgage business, I understood that beginning with a  major networking campaign would be to my advantage.  Understanding the laws of attraction, that it might take six months for the networking campaign to start paying off, I have been patiently (sort of) working it to my best advantage. 

  • First of all, I sent out a Postcard Mailing to my existing client base (otherwise known as everyone I have an address for who might know my name) - about 200. 
  •  I have followed that up with joining the Board of Realtors, attending Realtor Open Houses, dropping into offices with flyers, not with a big sales pitch, as much as Increasing the Visibility Factor.  I follow up with a note letting them know I appreciated meeting them.
  • I sponsor open houses by bringing refreshments.
  • I joined two committees, Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournament and Environmental Improvement Committee and actively support them.
  • I volunteer monthly to be on the panel for the Realtors New Member Orientation Training 
  • I drop in to see Realtor Friends with a lunch occasionally, 
  • I religiously promote people, I refer people who I believe are good at what they do to each other: ie Appraisers, Insurance Agents, Inspectors, Realtors, Title Services.
  • I read books, most recently Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Black Book of Connections. 
  • I ask the Sages of my Industry the WWJD question:  in this case, What would Jane do? 

  Here's a couple of things I've noticed in the last three months: 

Based on the book I mentioned, there are 6.5 Assets for Networking:

  1. Who do I know?
  2. What do I want"
  3. What do I do?
  4. How do I connect?
  5. Who knows you?
  6. The secret Power of Connections and 6.5  The Value of Connections

My "Sage" tells me, that networking is all about the relationship building.  In the mortgage world, Its almost never about the rate or the program.  Any good loan officer can figure that out - and I assume most do.  But its the CLICK when you meet someone with a common interest.  Its the personal CLICK that eventually moves you to the business world because TRUST was built. 

On the positive side,  I love people so all of this is fun to me, even though I guess you could call it work. 

On the other side of the coin,  staying so visible makes me feel like I'm always working.  I go to Yoga, I go to the grocery store, I go to church, I go to basketball games, and I could just continue my day networking 24X7.  There is a burnout  risk here.  So achieving BALANCE is always a factor. Sometimes, I don't bring a business card.  And I don't put a sticker on my forehead.  Its just for me.

On the positive side, I truly believe in the force of attraction.  Stay positive, stay focused, believe that eventually word will spread and you'll get the business.  But I have to remind myself to BE PATIENT. 

When there is negativity on the horizon, I turn inward, and begin my GRATITUDE mediation.  It helps my focus. 

So does it all work?  This morning I had six calls by 8:15 am.  Referrals.  Yesterday I didn't have any.  Its baby steps. 

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Gregory Anderson
United Country - Fredericksburg, TX

Great post, Renee.

The law of attraction is indeed powerful.

The key is to live "as if".

Live "as if" your goal has already manifested itself and only time separates you from receiving your reward.

Good luck in your endeavors.

Feb 06, 2007 09:00 AM
Renee Kokoszka
Citizens First Financial - Park City, UT

Gregory,  Thanks for your comment.  I looked up your profile and you must live in the OTHER BEST TOWN in the United States (smile). 

Have a great day

Feb 08, 2007 02:02 AM
Timothy Schwartz
Century 21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie - Marlboro Twp, NJ
Renee, it may be wise to wear your name badge when going to all of these events.  Giving out cards is still the cheapest way to promote yourself
Mar 08, 2007 12:25 PM
Thomas Osbeck
Oz Marketing - Dothan, AL

OK Boys and Girls I am going to spill my networking secret as to how to get new Realtors and keep them.

Here is how I build an iron cage around Realtors.

1. I take a picture of one of their listings

2. I create a greeting card using picture plus and use it as the cover of the greeting card.

3. Inside the card I put a picture of myself and of my business card on one side

4. On the other-side of the card I put the following message:

      Dear Realtor Name  This greeting card features one of your listings.  I would like to show you how to do the following things.  1. Market your listings more effectively 2. Establish personal relationships with your contacts and previous customers 3. Show you how to build a strong referral base so clients come to you instead of you looking for them. 4. Show you how to farm more effectively 5. Show you how to do this at no cost to you.

Call when you receive this to set up an interview to see if you qualify for this incredible opportunity .

I mail 10 of these cards a week and stop when I get 5 agents to join my program.  Once I get 5 Realtors trained on the system I turn them over to a Jr. Lo on my team for followup and then work on the next 5.

The last mortgage company I built had myself and 48 Jr. Loan officers.

I retired and sold my company and now teach loan officers how to implement and use this system effectively.

Here is where you can get the system

Order the Entprenuer package with auto-ship.  This gives you the lowest cost per card.  The setup fee is a one time fee of $398 and $35. to keep it active per year.  I usually start with $25 in postage.  You get 200 points with the order which is about 60 picture plus cards.  You should get 5 new Realtors easily with this.  Make sure to sign up for auto-ship.  The points are .31 cents instead of .49 cents each so you will save a lot of money.  The points don't expire so don't worry about losing any.

After you sign up you can begin the campaign.  I will teach you how to use the software and the marketing strategies so you can teach it to your Realtors.  The idea is to have them do the work but you supply the system.  They buy their own cards and postage so you don't have a RESPA problem.  You simply set up a gift account with enough card points and postage for 2 picture plus cards.  A total of 6 points and .78 cents for postage.   I show them how to create a couple of actual cards.  Believe me when they use this system to send just two cards they are hooked!  Have them send a card to their husband, child, wife or significant other.  This way they get to see how powerful this card thing is. 

Once they use the gift account money up they then buy their own supply of card points and postage.

Here is how they get their cards and postage free.  They contact their title agents, home inspectors, insurance agents, appraisers etc. and have them use their credit cards to buy a supply of card points and postage for the agent.  This makes it very inexpensive for their business partners to support the Realtors marketing efforts and of course the Realtor will refer all business to those that support their marketing efforts.

Realtors are locked into your iron cage because you own the system and if they go somewhere else you take their system away along with all their contact data.

You need the Entrepreneur level so you can sponsor other mortgage agents in your organization as well as insurance, title and others to use the same system.  You get paid on each training session you do and earn a residual income on each card sent.  Sponsor and train 3 others and get your system paid for totally.  I made each of my Jr. Lo's buy their own Entrepreneur system.

Some Realtors may balk and want their own system.  So sell them the Entrepreneur system as well and have them make their business partners buy an Entrepreneur system so they get theirs for free.  You get paid to train them, which makes you valuable, and you get paid for each card they send!  You get paid for the cards their partner sends. You keep showing them new marketing ideas and you will earn their business.

By following my system you get more Realtor referrals, you earn income from other sources so your marketing is free!  Do yourself a favor.  If you don't see the power in this system ,find a job because your just not going to make it very long.

I know this is a lot of information but all of the other ideas have been tried for years.  They don't work.  You all have the same products, the same great service, great processing, and underwriting.  Big deal. Do you have a way to make yourself more valuable than your competition other than doing illegal things and selling you soul for a couple of bucks?

I recently tried an experiment.  I sent 1500 emails inviting RE agents to join active rain.  5 joined.  5 complained I was spamming them.

I sent out 10 greeting cards and got 5 sign-ups to active rain.  Why should I get them into Active Rain?  Simple, it helps build a relationship because they got something valuable from me for free.

You have to bring value to your Realtors in order to get referrals back.  You have to become a teacher in order for them to respect you and your abilities.  Make them successful and you ride right along.

If you want to know more about how to use the system give me a call at 334-803-0233 central time or keep doing what your doing and starving for leads.  Up to you.

Tom Osbeck

Personal Relationship Marketing Mentor

PS Some of you complained you need a specific answer.  Is this one specific enough?

Mar 17, 2007 09:04 AM