The Library Project (journal entry 2)

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May 16, 2013.

Shamila and I marched into East Providence City Hall, offer package in her hands. Shamila was looking lovely and confident as always; I was about to vomit and or break into a sweat, and/or do both at the same time. We had already determined that it would be a good idea for her to do all the talking; I am entirely useless where my own personal transactions are involved. Once we tracked down the city planner, she placed my full price offer in his hands and briefly summarized its’ content.  “So,” she concluded, “what are our next steps?”

The City Planner appeared a bit lost. “Well,” he began, “actually we have not established a procedure for this yet and are still working out the process.” Huh? “We will probably keep the bidding open for a few weeks and see what else comes in.” WHAT?

So that is how I essentially had to out-bid myself to get the property. From day one, every other interested buyer knew that there was a full price offer on the table. And yes, there were a lot of other crazy people like me who wanted to take on the project. But who doesn’t enjoy an overly emotional bidding war from time to time?



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