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Care About Your Buyers!

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I had a closing this morning.  I was the listing agent.  It was a rather straightforward closing--no real issues.  The house is fantastic! Great historic detail in a wonderful Baltimore neighborhood known for its colorful row houses and front porches (Charles Village).  The couple who bought it are first time homebuyers and, of course, they couldn't have been more excited and happy.  They even baked ginger and molasses cookies to share with all involved in the closing. The couple

had 2 agents and of course they were at the table, as were the title officer and the lender.  Everyone seemed to carry on side conversations, which of course is fine and natural.  However, the buyers' agents continued to talk to each other almost the whole time and weren't even aware that their clients had finished signing all of the paperwork.  The cute couple (it seemed to me) would have liked a little attention and happiness for them from their agents, but the agents were oblivious.

I don't know.  It disturbed me.  Please colleagues! Take care of your clients through the "end" and beyond--if not for for humanitarian reasons, then at least to foster relationships for when these people decide to sell this house.  Because if you don't, someone else will!