Growing with Tallahassee Forum

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I attended the Tallahassee Forum for Builders, Realtors, Entrepreneurs, and City and Commissioners. I must say I thought it was a failure. It was held at the car museum which belonged to one of the person on the panel. This business, entrepreneur took the opportunity to ambush the commissioner because he was upset that the permit process takes a long time. I do not think that he does not have ground to complain. However, he spent the whole time complaining and arguing about the city and Leon county take too long to permit. I must say I would love to have nice shops in Tallahassee but trying to solve the problem would have been a better approach than complaining the whole time. Patty Ketcham and Robert Parrish spoke about the realty market specially in Tallahassee. Patti said that things are back the way they used to be before the 2000 when realtors work and they were not order takers. Robert Parrish spoke about the status of the market in terms of new construction throughout Florida and also agreed with Patti that the market in Tallahassee is better than the rest of Florida. I know that I am busy. Although I see buyers who are looking for foreclosures but they are still thinking about the market and how to purchase something instead of running away. Well that is my thoughts for this week.

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